Power Plant Maintetance Services

Power Plant Maintetance Services

Raissy offer specialist engineering services onsite to assist and maintain plant and machinery to achieve optimum machine availability. Our team of specialists, who have experience gained superior know-how and absolute precision in the installation, maintenance and modernisation of gas turbines. Repair and refurbishment services are offered to the latest OEM specifications and standards. We work for all the major plant manufacturers General Electric, Stal Laval, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, ALSTOM, Nuovo Pignone, ALSTOM-ABB and SIEMENS Gas Turbine. Repair and Refurbishment We offer total Repair and Refurbishment packages for all types of Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Generators, Heat Exchangers, Boiler etc., No matter, who built them originally. Turbine & Generators Inspection of hot and cold gas path, bearings and other major components Vibration analysis, balancing, aligning and start up Repairs and replacement of Major parts/components:
· Nozzles & Vanes • Combustion Liners
· Transition Pieces • Fuel Nozzle Swirlers
· Nozzle Support Ring • Flow Sleeves
· Shroud Blocks • Cross Fire Tubes
· Bull Horn Brackets • Turbine And Generator Bearings
Inspection, repair and overhauling of instrument & service air compressors of different sizes, types. Manufacturer Such Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand SIERRA, COMPAIR, FURNAS Air Compressor, ABAC Air Compressor, Puma Industrial Air Compressor , William and James, GARDNER DENVER, JP
· Dismantling & Re-assembly • Repair/replace of components
· Calibration • Dite testing including NDT
· Alignment • Spareparts Supply

Boilers & Heat Exchangers
Inspect, disassemble, repair, replace,transport and carry out cleaning
Work on the auxiliary equipment containing different types of heat
exchangers for the following gas turbine models by different
· Burner & Boiler Tubes • Atomizing Air coolers
· Lube Oil & Glycol Cooler • Hydrogen Coolers
· Water Heat Exchanger • Plate Heat Exchangers
· Radiators • Air Cooled Condenser
Crude Oil Tank
We provides tank repair & cleaning and maintenance for storage tanks
meeting the requirements of safety standards, regulations and
specifications. We are fully equipped and ready to commence and
perform the work on time and within budget by our experienced project
management and field crews.
· Unloading the Tank • Vapor Freeing
· Testing for Hydrocarbon Vapor and Toxic Gases
· Tank Protective Coating • Shell Replacements
· Roof Replacement or Patches • Mechanical Seals
· Fire Foam Systems • Spiral Stairs, Handrails and Platforms
Exhaust System
Inspect, repair, rehabilitate, modify, install, test and commission the gas turbine
exhaust system components, partly or all the gas turbine and Combined Cycle
exhaust system.
· Exhaust Plenum • Exhaust Cylinder
· Expansion Joints • Exhaust Manifold
· Transition Section • Exhaust Diffuser
· Turning Vanes • Hrsg Inlet Duct
· Exhaust Silencer • Hrsg Silencers
· Exhaust Stack • Hrsg Chimney
Electric Motors
We are maintaining a well and carefully designed motor maintenance program, can be summed up as
preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and reactive maintenance.
· Overhaul & re-winding and insulation resistance test after rewinding
· Complete Disassembly & Assembly
· Cleaning of Stator, Rotor and All Mechanical Parts
· Fabricate and Rewind Stator with New Windings
· Replacement of Motor DE and NDE side both bearings

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