Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Safety Policy Statement
Safety plays a very important role in construction work. It is our objective to efficiently achieve our
construction targets without compromising on safety aspects of our personnel, equipment, plant as well as the community. A good and effective construction safety program will improve the overall performance of the project as well as help in eliminating / minimizing the accidents.
Safety is an integral part of our daily activity and requires strict adherence to the following principles.
Ñ Every employee shall familiarize himself with safety rules as safety of every person, equipment and the community is paramount. Ñ Primary responsibility of each employee is to make sincere efforts to reduce the possibility of an accident. Ñ Safety takes precedence over expediency and short cuts.
Ñ The basic safety rules and loss preventive measures contained in this program are mandatory and will be actively enforced by supervision and management. Ñ Safety is accepted as an individual responsibility and each person shall think, plan and perform his work with safety as the utmost consideration. Individual commitment and voluntary support of these principles by each employee are critically essential to the success of this safety program.

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