Administration and the Finance Department
Raissy’s two main support service providers are the Administration and the Finance Department. The former handles all personnel matters and maintains company records, while the latter deals with accounts, invoicing and other financial matters.

Engineering, Tendering & Business Development Department
Engineering department has three main head department as Transmission lines, Civil, E&M and these
head departments have separate team for Estimating, Planning and for Execution. The Estimating team
solicits and evaluates project bids, obtains price quotes for materials and manpower, calculates the overall cost of a project and then submits a recommendation on tendered projects to the Executive Management. Once a management decision is taken, the Estimation Department prepares and submits a response to the relevant party. The Estimation team works closely with the planning and execution team, to accurately estimate the cost of work and material.

The planning and execution team is the heart of the company. The team oversees the day-to-day field
operations to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Careful planning in the early stages of a project — e.g., compiling the project organization chart, determining manpower requirements, assigning
responsibilities — is the foundation for the success of the execution phase. These plans and schedules will be monitored throughout the project.

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