Quality Assurance

Raissy Quality System is based on ISO 9002: 94 Series Quality Systems – Model for Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing. Raissy has had a Quality system in place for five years with continuous improvements; this year the systems has been completely revised and improved upon an introduction of several procedures and an all new format which has found to be in line with the up and coming ISO 9000:2000 Series.

It is the Company’s Quality Policy that all work performed by the Company shall be in line with the Company’s formalized Quality System. This system is derived item EN-ISQ-9000 standards, which are international and meets the Company’s needs and expectations. The objective of the Quality Policy is to detail the Company’s Commitment to Qualitythereby enabling the Company’s staff and workforce to understand the quality logic. Raissy can present the same information to current and prospective clients in order that they also understand the Company’s Commitment to Quality with reference to their expectations. All works performed by the Company shall be controlled in line with this Quality Manual and the approved procedure formats and quality plans. They shall meet the specific client requirements.

The Company’s Senior Management is fully committed to this Quality Policy and has appointed a Quality Manager to prepare, document, record, audit and report on all quality matters pertaining to the Company’s quality needs and the needs of clients, the Quality Manager shall be independent of all other works, and shall report directly to the General Manager of the company on all aspects of the quality of the works. The Quality Manager shall ensure that any non-conformances are dealt with in an expeditious manner. It is the objective of the Company that all works performed by the Company are right the first time, on schedule and within an agreed budge.

Raissy believe that we must continue to improve by nurturing the desire to do things right the first time and to develop new and innovative methods and solutions to our work. The desire is nurtured within each individual, each department and each office. Through the active participation of Client and company personnel in project specific improvement initiatives, we both benefit item reduced man hour costs and improvement of quality throughout the project.