Raissy Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd

Raissy Co. Ltd. is a 100% Saudi-owned Construction Company was founded in 1978 and was incorporated in 1993, operating from our main office along Khurais road. Since that time our manpower and facilities had increased to do highly sophisticated kind of engineering tasks that is unique for each of our clients such as Design, Supply and Installation, Turnkey Projects, Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical System; Design, Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of Control System Projects; Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Power Transmission Lines. We treat your business as if it is our own. The level of trust needed for our customer’s project to succeed has resulted in Raissy Company’s deep and abiding reputation for integrity, dependability and expertise. In the past several years, through exhaustive efforts and determination, Raissy Co. has shifted and grown; however, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not been deterred. In fact, the changes the company has initiated were done solely to customize our operation to fit the ever changing needs of our clients.

At Raissy Co. Ltd., we have identified categories that our clients typically fit. Our experience has shown that each of our clients is as unique as the construction project they are envisioning. Raissy Co. Ltd. respects the partnership we have with our valued clients. Our success is built on the “can-do” attitude, set forth by the professional high quality individuals who represent us. Combining a good attitude with advance planning and effective execution, results in a successful projects. Everything is about reducing stress for our clients. We believe that Raissy Co. Ltd. is about more than delighting and exciting our customers with our services as we have initiated a quality focused customer service program that allows us to better understand and meet our customers’ need and to provide them the quality on time and delivery schedule that they have to expect.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Raissy Co. Ltd. also strives to fulfil the social responsibilities and contribute to the development of the company through all of the corporate activities. While working hard to develop the infrastructure and organization, Raissy believe that the quality of the corporate activities depends on the quality of the employees, that’s why Raissy Co. Ltd. is actively engaged in human resource development. We believe that by viewing our skilled workforce as essential assets, we can continue our activities into the future as a company trusted and cherished throughout the kingdom. Raissy Co. Ltd. corporate activities are based on specific goals and mission objectives. To fulfil these aims, Raissy Co. Ltd. developed values to serve as a guideline for action and apply to all employees. The management believe that commitment to these values is the key to our growth. This is why the company provides employees with an opportunity for in-depth understanding of the guidelines and encourages compliance with such policies on a daily basis.